Dollywood’s KidsFest Kicks Off in Mid-June in Pigeon Forge!

Families can come to one of the best theme parks in the state, Dollywood, to participate in the celebration during KidsFest on June 17 – August 7 in Pigeon Forge. As a special treat, the Gazillion Bubble Show will be performing all types of tricks with literally thousands of bubbles onstage. Watch as they shape and blow bubbles in every direction. Meet some of Dollywood’s favorite characters, including the Scarecrow named Patches, Trapper, Baxter Bear, Walker and Cas, the amazing outdoorsman. You can sing along to some of the tunes written by Dolly at the Imagination Playhouse, where your kids can hear three different children’s stories, all performed by the talented Penguin Players. If you’d like to participate in this event and bring your family, be sure to book your Pigeon Forge hotel room.

You can take your kids on even more great adventures at Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies, which pulls visitors into a deep, watery world of aquatic beauty. Visitors can walk through the pathways as they’re surrounded by the blue reflections of aquarium glass with each step. There is 350 species of wildlife here, assuring that you’ll never be bored of viewing the more than 10,000 animals. You can lead your children along as they view special exhibits like Touch a Ray Bay, Shark Lagoon, Gallery of the Seas and Coral Reef.

If you’re looking for more discoveries on land, you can head to the RainForest Adventures Discovery Zoo, which holds many of the world’s most unique and beautiful animals inside. Look for gargantuan tortoises, slithering colorful snakes and ringtailed lemurs. Visitors can walk through gorgeous environments and see animals habitats like the 25 foot jungle waterfall and lush surroundings. Be sure to come early to see some of the live animals being fed by knowledgeable handlers, and you can stop by the gift shop for a souvenir to take home with you.

3 thoughts on “Dollywood’s KidsFest Kicks Off in Mid-June in Pigeon Forge!

  1. Bubbles for the kids(and kids at heart)..and the rainforest or ocean adventure for the rest of us! And Tennesse of all places! Destination…Dollywood!

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