Board Branson’s Ducks and Celebrate America!

Coming up May 28 – September 5, Branson’s special attractions, Ride the Ducks, will get in gear for the summer season with their annual “Ducks Celebrate America” tour. Join other passengers on board these fascinating marine vehicles that were once used during WWII on both land and sea. Ride along Branson’s 76 strip as your tour guide points out famous American landmarks and special highlights that makes Branson one of the entertainment capitals of the Midwest. Just when you think the tour is over, you’ll make a splash in Branson’s Table Rock Lake, where you may even have a chance to drive the vehicle! If you’re interested in coming down to Branson to see the highlights, be sure you reserve your Branson lodging ahead of time.

Once you’ve seen Branson from both land and sea, you’ll want to explore it from above with the Chopper Charters Branson Helicopter Tours, providing a bird’s eye view of your choice of city landmarks. Get a taste of Branson with the quick five-minute helicopter tour, or see it all with a deluxe, 30 minute package of the whole city. Depending on which tour you book, you’ll be able to see everything from the famous Lambert’s Cafe, “Home of the Throwed Rolls,” to the amazing Silver Dollar City.

Sit back and relax with another fun tour, the Wine 101 Class at Mount Pleasant Winery, helping you understand the art of wine making and wine tasting through five “S” actions, See, Swirl, Sniff, Sip and Savor. The class lasts an hour and provides its students with wisdom ranging from how to properly prepare wine to what types of wine goes best with chocolates or cheeses. Because they are booked up so often, they highly encourage you to make your reservations before you get there.

7 thoughts on “Board Branson’s Ducks and Celebrate America!

  1. Whenever I see a duckboat on the rode…it makes me want to see the sights aboard one. Maybe this is the year!

  2. The ducks look really cool to ride! I know my cousins enjoyed it when they went, and they couldn’t stop talking about it for ages!

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