Washington DC Honors Veterans During Memorial Day!

Memorial Day presents many opportunities to be thankful for the freedom through veterans, and Washington DC provides ceremonies at several of their most famous national memorials during this special day on May 30. You can visit areas like the Arlington Cemetery, Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the Korean Veterans Memorial to visualize the symbolic sacrifice that many military personnel have given for the privileges that Americans share. Look for the Eternal Flame near John F. Kennedy’s grave, or stand by as military bands play heartwarming, patriotic tunes. If you’re interested in booking DC lodging while you’re here, you can browse through our Washington DC hotels.

Once you’ve viewed some of the sobering ceremonies in tribute to Memorial Day, you can find some more lighthearted entertainment at Washington DC’s shows, such as the famous dinner show, Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament in Hanover, MD. Walk into the massive arena and watch as the lights dim and six armored knights ride out with lances in their hands as they compete for the princess. At your table, you can cheer on the knights as you eat a delicious meal of roasted chicken, herb-basted potato, garlic bread and tomato soup. It’s a thrilling experience from the start of the tournament to the finale!

If you enjoy a show that will make you contemplate and decipher riddles, you can try out the Mystery Dinner Playhouse in Arlington, VA. Sit down in a classic setting, bite into an array of entrées like top sirloin of beef or grilled fish, and determine who the culprit is.  Once the play begins, it will be up to you and those at your table to find out who’s going to be knocked off next! In addition to your meal, you can earn a special prize if you guess the murderer by the end of the show.

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