Reserve Your Tickets to the Williamsburg Hampton Jazz Festival!

Some of the artists featured in Williamsburg’s annual Hampton Jazz Festival are already selling out, and visitors are encouraged to reserve their seats early for this event taking place from June 24 – 26. Some of the most well-known modern and classic jazz artists such as Charlie Wilson, Frankie Beverly and Anthony Hamilton will fill the stage with their smooth vocals and accompanying instrumentals. You will find an extraordinary mix of jazz and blues during the concert and gain a new appreciation for the live performances of these artists. Be sure to reserve your Williamsburg hotel and tickets ahead of time.

You can learn about the extensive colonial history of Williamsburg with a stop at Jamestown Settlement, where local actors will interact with you and your family to create the authentic atmosphere of the original Jamestown village. Learn about how shelters were made, food was produced and animals were hunted back in the 17th century. You’ll even be able to board the replicated three ships that came from England to Virginia in 1607.

The interactive experience can be continued at the amazing Virginia Living Museum, providing a look a more than 250 species of wildlife that make the water and land its home. Stroll through this vast facility that combines a science center, aquarium, botanical preserve, wildlife park and aquarium all into one. Visitors will see lovable animals like otters and unique wildlife such as horseshoe crabs. Take the kids on your trip for a fun, education experience!

2 thoughts on “Reserve Your Tickets to the Williamsburg Hampton Jazz Festival!

  1. I have never gone to a Jazz Festival. I am sure it is going to be a great time with good music to listen to.

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