Plan Your Summer Vacation Around Mount Rushmore!

The spring season has almost ended, and as the warm air of summer drifts its way up to Mount Rushmore, you’ll be able to view many of the astounding geological features of the area. Carefully carved sculptures like the enormous Crazy Horse Memorial and Mount Rushmore’s four presidential faces will be just a few highlights during your vacation. You’ll have the opportunity to see miles of rugged landscape in the Badlands, and you might even search for a bit of entertainment from some of the area shows! You’ll want to check out the following attractions to make your Mount Rushmore vacation complete this summer.

Mount Rushmore Grand Legends Tour

Visit an all-encompassing tour featuring everything from the detailed Crazy Horse Memorial to Custer State Park. See many of the natural attractions featured all year long in the Mount Rushmore area and ask your tour guide any questions you have. A delicious Monumental Breakfast Special will be part of your ticket as well, featuring hot items such as eggs, biscuits and gravy and hashbrowns. Other highlights you’ll see include the 1880 Train, Iron Mountain Road and the Mount Rushmore National Memorial.

1880 Train: A 19th Century Train Ride Tour

You can receive an even more in-depth tour of the past with a ride on the 1880 train, which will travel across the beautiful landscape as you sightsee inside the comfortable passenger cars. Be sure to check out some of the souvenirs and gifts before you board, with options like engineer hats and train whistles. You’ll be provided the option to depart from either Keystone or Hill City, but no matter where you start, you’ll see the scenic beauty of places like the Kennedy House, Tin Mill Hill and Bob Ingersoll Mine.

Pioneer Auto Show and Antique Town – Murdo, SD

Finally, be sure to check out the ancient car show dating back many decades, as you view classic pieces such as the J.J. Case Steam Engine, a Harley Davidson from 1910, and a newer Mustang Convertible from 1967. Each of these acclaimed models have something special about them, and you can view all of these exhibits while enjoying the historic significance behind them. Some even have celebrity status, like Elvis Presley’s Harley Davidson and General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard.

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