Celebrate Orlando’s 20th Annual International Fringe Festival!

Prepare for the annual commencement ceremony on May 18 that will pave the way for the Orlando International Fringe Festival, bringing together theatrical performers, stage sets, props and special productions during this 12 day event, from May 18 – 30. Visitors will be dazzled by the amazing creativity of the actors as they use their own personal style to create an entertaining world of dialogue, action and costumes. Bring the kids along as well, as the festival will host its own “Kids Fringe,” specifically geared toward theatrical activities for the children! If you’re wanting to see this event or others in Orlando, be sure to reserve your Orlando lodging before the beginning of summer hits.

You can see even more great shows while you’re in Orlando such as the famous Cirque du Soleil Nouba, featuring a wonderful circus performance with 60 different cast members, many great tricks and scenery throughout the show. You’ll want to pay special attention to the landmark stunts and tricks in the show, including the Funambule (High Wire), Diabolos (Chinese Yo-Yo) and the Ballet Aire et Soie (Aerial Ballet in Silk). You’ll marvel at the superior lighting and large backdrops that the theater will provide during the performance.

If you’re looking for a meal along with their entertainment, you’ll want to check out the Arabian Nights Dinner Attraction, with a middle eastern touch in its costumes and beautiful display of horses and chariot racing. Acrobats will perform stunning tricks on the backs on these well-groomed horses, and you can eat a delicious meal consisting of fresh salad, a choice of five entrees and many types of desserts and beverages. Cheer on the performers and the 60 horses which will make their appearance in the arena!

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