Beat the Heat Inside These Memphis Museums!

With the temperature heating up outside, there are plenty of places in Memphis that can offer the weary vacationer a few hours of respite while giving them a lesson on Memphis culture and history. Whether you are interested in music, social activism or just want to provide your kids with some hands-on fun, Memphis has the perfect place for you to visit.

Pink Palace Museum

The Pink Palace Museum is as unique as the city it makes its home in, featuring exhibits that cover everything from dinosaurs to the Piggly Wiggly grocery chain. The museum offers patrons a historical look at Memphis through interesting collections, exhibitions and programs. Current exhibits include the Cultural History of the Mid-South, the Natural History of the Mid-South and The Mansion, which offers a glimpse into 20th century Memphis.

The Children’s Museum of Memphis

A great museum for kids and their parents is The Children’s Museum of Memphis. Kids can experience hands-on, interactive exhibits that will stimulate their imagination, like the Growing Healthy exhibit where they can learn about human anatomy or Art Smart exhibit which allows kids to paint, sculpt or perform. Traveling exhibits rotate every few months, and there is a snack area inside the museum so you can visit a few times each and spend the whole day.

National Civil Rights Museum

Built as a tribute to the Civil Rights Movement, the National Civil Rights Museum features stunning exhibits chronicling events from pre-Revolutionary times to the present day, including the Montgomery Bus Boycott  and the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. Learn the stories of people who have helped shape our world with their struggle for equality and fairness.

One thought on “Beat the Heat Inside These Memphis Museums!

  1. There are so many different museums to go to. The Childrens Museum will be a great place to take my kids during our vacation

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