Branson Celebrates the Armed Forces this May!

Veterans and families of those in the military will be thrilled in Branson on May 20 – 21 as the armed forces are celebrated by shows and Branson locals all across the city. Events will be provided throughout both days in May such as the “Branson Doesn’t Forget” The Armed Forces show, promoting the active duty armed forces in the Tri-Lakes Center, and the Armed Forces Meet N Greet, allowing for a time for those in every branch of the military to come together and fellowship in various parts of Branson. Visitors can bring their loved ones to these events and celebrate the freedom that our country defends thanks to those who have served in the military! If you would like to be a part of these great events, be sure to reserve your Branson lodging today.

If you’re looking for other patriotic tributes to our country, be sure to attend some of the popular shows in Branson like the Pierce Arrow Show, which gives visitors an entertaining mix of hits from talented vocalists and country instrumentals. Visitors will be treated to comedy interspersed throughout the show to keep things lively, and they’ll hear the legendary sound of Dan Britton who holds the world record for the lowest bass singer. Britton will combine his voice with the other three members of the male quartet for a great show.

In addition to the Pierce Arrow Show, visitors can also witness the amazing Red, Hot…& Blue!, which combines the talents of 12 members for an electrifying tribute to America. Visitors will gaze in awe as performers dress up in colorful costumes from the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Driving beats, energetic choreography and high tech lighting will all be part of the excitement. Clap and cheer as these performers honor America with its own songs from four decades!

0 thoughts on “Branson Celebrates the Armed Forces this May!

  1. This would be a great way to honor our soldiers and a great way for soldiers to get together with their families.

  2. “Branson Doesn’t Forget” says it all…what a way to celebrate freedom and thank those who keep it possible! Red, Hot…&..Blue is the show that I would like to be at this May.

  3. Branson is a wonderful place to celebrate armed forces they have great deals for the veterans and current and its just all togethor beautful

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