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Make Father’s Day One to Remember in Nashville!

Don’t let another Father’s Day pass without a special getaway for your dad – take him on an excursion to Nashville where he can experience whatever suits his fancy, from country legend concerts to outdoor wildlife exhibits. Nashville is full of surprises, and whether this is your dad’s first or fiftieth visit to Nashville, you can always find something enjoyable for your family. This Tennessee city has attraction that number in the thousands, and your dad can find both outdoor activities like fishing and cruises as well as indoor appeal at performances and sports store shopping. Be sure you make reservations for Father’s Day at your choice of Nashville lodging.

Start Dad out on one of the most popular activities in Nashville, the General Jackson Showboat, which combines a luxury cruise, a live performance and a delicious dinner. This is an unforgettable experience that will take you out on the Cumberland River where you can view the city skyline and watch the skyscrapers as they reflect on the deep blue water below. Choose from either a lunch or dinner menu, and enjoy country classics from some of your favorite artists during the meal. Afterward, you may continue your sightseeing experience out on the deck.

For a tribute to our fallen heroes, take your dad out on the Civil War Tour: The Battle of Franklin, where he can discover a little bit of history about Tennessee he may not have known. The Battle of Franklin was one of the most deadly conflicts in the station, with more than 9,500 casualties within the first five hours. Your tour guide will answer any questions you or the rest of your family may have as you walk through the cemetery. As a special highlight of the tour, you’ll also see the Carnton Plantation.

The Grand Canyon Provides Sunlit Views on Memorial Day Weekend!

Feel the cool breeze and the warm sun on your back as you head out to the Grand Canyon, full of exciting, natural rock formations and an amazing atmosphere during Memorial Day. Celebrate the freedom of America and remember the sacrifice of our great soldiers as you walk across canyon trails and down ravines. The Grand Canyon provides a great way to relax and focus outside of the hustle and bustle of some of the hot spot cities for tourists. Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner, so remember to bring all the equipment you’ll need, including hiking boots, suntan lotion sunglasses and camping gear. Or, if you’re staying nearby, you can make reservations at a Grand Canyon area hotel.

Many activities abound in the Grand Canyon area, and you can make your getaway even better with the Grand Canyon Explorer Hike, taking you to regions of the Grand Canyon that provide an extensive history on the area’s original tribes, with Indian cliff dwellings with markings and carvings to provide evidence of their original inhabitation. You’ll hike for part of the day, covering approximately three miles as you take in the surrounding views.  You’ll also be provided a gourmet lunch in the mid-afternoon, giving you an extra boost to finish the hike!

The Antelope Canyon Tour provides yet another outlet for extraordinary sightseeing and relaxation. Bring your camera on the deck of this cruise ship as it heads out on a pleasant hour and a half cruise through the winding Antelope Canyon. Take a look at the unique cliff formations, many of which are so narrow that they can only be seen on the water. The Antelope Canyon is an impressive 150 miles long and more than 400 feet deep, giving you an idea of the vastness of this region.

Experience Branson’s Attractions on Your Memorial Day Weekend Getaway!

Branson is loaded with appealing activities for you and your family, and many vacationers are making their way here for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend. Drive along Branson’s famous 76 Strip and pick out several shows, or head out to the beautiful Branson Landing for a natural sightseeing experience. Branson and the surrounding area has it all, and you can reserve a room in one of Branson’s best hotelsbefore you get here. Be sure to make reservations at Branson’s top attractions.Branson Zipline and Canopy Tours

Strap on your helmet, tighten your harness and you’ll be ready to zip at Branson’s exciting zip line activity. Choose from multiple tours, including the comprehensive Ozarks Xplorer Canopy Tour, providing a full-length narration from your knowledgeable guides about Isaac Wolfe and the area’s history. For a shorter, more thrilling experience, zip your way across our quarter mile zip line to the exit tower on the Blue Streak Fast Line and Free Fall Xpress.

Grand Jubilee

A colorful, lighted production with amazing surround sound adds to the epic appeal of New South, a male quartet with amazing vocals and stunning performances. Listen to some of the most talented singers in show business taking on legendary country hits and interspersing their performance with funny comedy from Jamie Haage and Mike Patrick.

Grand Ole Opry Performances for May 27, 28 and 31

Please Note: The Grand Ole Opry does not release final lineups until the Wednesday prior to each performance. This list will be updated weekly as new performers are confirmed and added to the lineup. The following performances will take place at the Grand Ole Opry House:

Friday, May 27 – Order Tickets

  • Vince Gill
  • Jake Owen
  • Lee Greenwood
  • Sunny Sweeney
  • Heidi Newfield
  • Jeannie Seely
  • Jim Ed Brown
  • Jimmy Dickens
  • The Whites
  • Jack Greene
  • And more

Saturday, May 28 – Order Tickets

  • Josh Turner
  • Vince Gill
  • Sarah Jarosz
  • Jimmy Dickens
  • Jimmy C. Newman
  • Riders In The Sky
  • Jim Ed Brown
  • Johnny Counterfit
  • Jan Howard
  • Jean Shepard
  • Connie Smith
  • And more

Tuesday, May 31 – Order Tickets

  • Steel Magnolia
  • Josh Thompson
  • David Nail
  • Diamond Rio
  • Jimmy Dickens
  • Jimmy C. Newman
  • Jean Shepard
  • Bobby Osborne and the Rocky Top X-Press
  • And more

Take Part in Williamsburg’s Memorial Day Ceremonies!

Celebrate all that America has accomplished with a special Memorial Day weekend to Williamsburg. Get the most out of your summer vacation with a visit to several of Colonial Williamsburg’s most historic sites, including the Bruton Parish Church, French Grave site and the Palace. Fresh wreaths will be hung in these areas to commemorate soldiers who gave their lives in conflicts dating back to the Revolutionary War. Honor your veterans by participating in this great event. You can find Williamsburg lodging for Memorial Day weekend as well.

While you’re in the Williamsburg area, you can find all kinds of exciting attractions to keep you busy, including Busch Gardens Williamsburg, one of Virginia’s most popular theme parks! Take part in some of the festivities featuring famous world cultures like Ireland or Germany with shows, cuisine and fun rides. Kids will take their turn on zooming roller coasters like the Battering Ram, Escape from Pompeii, Roman Rapids or the Griffon. Highlighted shows include Sunny Days Celebration, This is Oktoberfest and Celtic Fyre.

Switch from land to water at Water Country USA, providing the full summer experience. Cool off on a hot day with splashing rides like Big Daddy Falls, Malibu Pipeline, Rampage or Adventure Isle. Remember, many of these rides can hold multiple people in one raft, so the more the merrier. Invite your family and friends along with swim wear for a fantastic experience in Williamsburg’s number one water park. For those that would rather relax and tan, the park also provides more than 1,500 lounge chairs within its boundaries.

San Antonio Marks Texas Folklife Festival’s 40th Year!

San Antonio is well-known for its appreciation and celebration of world cultures, and the city will continue this trend by marking the 40th Anniversary of the Texas Folklife Festival this June 10-12. Visitors from all over the nation will come to take part in this fun festival as they discover how Texas culture has bended and molded with the array of traditions that have been introduced to the state each year. Over 40 cultural groups and more than 250 participants and volunteers will come to celebrate cultures with special costumes, tribal dances and singing. Join in the fun with carnival rides, special demonstrations and more than 150 different ethnic foods. If you’re planning on staying for the whole event, be sure to reserve your San Antonio lodging as well.

For additional excitement in San Antonio, you’re invited to take part in San Antonio Missions Baseball, an exciting baseball game that welcomes all ages and provides plenty of action down on the baseball diamond. Cheer for your favorite team as strikes are thrown, fly balls are caught and home runs are hit. Your kids may even get to take part in the fun intermission attractions, including bat turns and races, dot races and specially padded sumo football. If you get hungry, you’ll have plenty of options with vendors in every direction featuring hot pretzels and cheese-drizzled nachos.

Your summer vacation isn’t complete without a visit to the cowboy arena, San Antonio’s Open Pro Rodeo. Watch as bullriders attempt to stay on the full eight seconds as their bulls and broncos stomp and kick up their hind legs. There are all kinds of entertainment with clowns and special  competitions that feature famous riders like Chad Tenborge and Cannon Green. Hoop and holler all evening long during the rodeo and join in the Texas spirit!

Dive into the Culture of Greece in San Diego this Summer!

Discover all things Greek at the extraordinary Greek Festival in San Diego this year, taking place in the downtown area on June 3 – 5. Visitors won’t run out of things to do at this fun festival, providing hours of excitement with live entertainment drawn straight from the Greek culture, including special song and dance numbers. You can grab a special Mediterranean treat such as Moussaka, Paximathia or Kataifi and chow down as you watch some of the local music. Families are highly encouraged to come to the event, as the festival will be providing plenty of activities and games for the kids to participate in. Door prizes will be available as well. Also, for those that would like the authentic Greek Orthodox experience, they can take a tour of one of the churches in the area. Be sure to reserve San Diego lodging before you come.

After spending time at the Greek Festival, you can learn more about the culture of Mexico with A Day at Rosarito Beach, providing a special tour of Tijuana along the gorgeous coastline. You’ll ride across 17 miles of beach and countryland, with sightseeing opportunities at every bend. Afterward, you can head over to some of the area malls and restaurants at the seaside city to enjoy an authentic Mexican meal and purchase your favorite trinkets for the trip back. Look through landmarks such as the Rosarito Beach Hotel and Spa.

Baja Coastal Tour to Ensenada is another fantastic tour that takes place in Mexico where you’ll also be able to take a close look at the Mexican way of life. Just as with A Day at Rosarito Beach, you’ll be able to explore the area surrounding the Rosarito Beach Hotel where famous movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and Titanic were filmed. Grab a bite to eat at some of the restaurants and sightsee the coastal area before making your return on this fun, nine hour tour.

Natural Sightseeing and Attractions Abound in Mount Rushmore

The Mount Rushmore area is well-known for those famous four, stone-faced presidents, but you can experience many attractions beyond this sightseeing magnet. Travel to South Dakota and look over miles of sloping hilltops and jutting rock formations in the Black Hills. Take your camera along to capture some of the sights, and participate in some of Mount Rushmore’s extensive tours to not only visualize the area but also receive an educational background of the attractions to make them much more significant and valuable to the American timeline.

Mount Rushmore Audio Tour

With a map and special electronic wand in hand, you can walk anywhere you like in the Mount Rushmore National Memorial area to experience sightseeing through both visuals and audio. Your headphones will broadcast a detailed narration that will cover plenty of history, including that of Gutzon Borglum, the original creator of Mount Rushmore. Outside noise will not interfere with your experience, and the narration will include its own music score to add to your epic experience.

Mammoth Site of Hot Springs – Hot Springs, SD

Step into one of the planet’s biggest mammoth research facilities, where exhibits featuring full bone structures of these ancient Ice Age creatures lie. You’ll discover excavation sites and scientific rooms where professional paleontologists study their findings. Visitors will also be able to view parts of the facility where the famous movie “Hidalgo” was filmed starring Viggo Mortenson and marking a great moment in cinematic history. Best of all, once the guided portion of the tour is over, you’ll be able to explore it all yourself.

National Presidential Wax Museum – Keystone, SD

After you’ve explored many of the natural sites of Mount Rushmore, you can head over to this fun museum to see some of the nation’s past leaders. Look for President Nixon  during the famous return journey from the moon or watch as President’s Reagan’s reaction after Germany’s Berlin Wall falls. Visitors can look at presidents from the Revolutionary days up until modern times, with authentic costumes and detailed faces to match.

Experience the Open Air of Memphis Outdoor Attractions!

The beautiful city of Memphis has plenty of natural beauty in every direction, and in addition to its city bus tours, you can also experience some of the outdoor options available for those who don’t mind a little exercise. Walk among the rustic downtown atmosphere and view some of the most historic and recognizable spots in music history. The Memphis atmosphere and its locals are accommodating and friendly, and you’re sure to remember your Memphis outdoor experience many years from now. Put on those tennis shoes and make reservations at these great attractions.

Mud Island River Park

Start your Memphis experience off with an incredible historic journey in Mud Island River Park, covering much of the traditions and culture of the Mississippi River. Take a walk along the river for astounding views of its vast coastline, and ride the mighty monorail to explore a little more of the city. You’ll also be provided a full tour of the Mississippi River Walk, covering five blocks and providing a replicated version of the lower region of the Mississippi River. Every 30 inches represents approximately one mile, so you’ll have a full overview of the river by the time the tour is done.

Memphis Ghost Walking Tour

Are you into chills and thrills? The Memphis Ghost Walking Tour covers the city’s creepy past with a knowledgeable tour guide. Walk to Memphis landmarks where famous hauntings have taken place, from Orpheum Theater to Cotton Row. Listen to the stories of those who have passed on to their ghostly, tormented lives here on earth. You’ll also walk along famous locations such as WC Handy Park in Beale Street, so you’re certain to receive an educational tour along with scares.

Memphis Rockin’ Running Tours

The streets of Memphis are perfect for a light jog, and on this great tour you can take a run yourself. Children and toddlers in strollers can participate in the fun as well. The tour will cover an extensive path of either three or six miles, and you’ll see plenty of historic attractions while you’re staying fit. Run by landmarks such as Beale Street, National Civil Rights Museum, South Main Historic District and Overton Park. These tours are suitable for beginners and experts in running, so no matter your age, you’re encouraged to come along.

Stretch and Limber Up in NYC’s Summer Solstice!

If you’re looking for a new way to get in shape for the summer, you can head down to New York City’s Times Square during their amazing Summer Solstice event, beginning on June 21 and highlighting the lengthiest day of summer. Beyond the celebrations, you’ll also have a chance to participate in the massive yoga training exercises taking place right on the streets of Times Square, where thousands of yoga mats and visitors will be stretching and following the directions of some of the most renowned trainers in the fitness world, namely Patrick Lynch, Nicole Nichols and Douglass Stewart. Best of all, admission is free! Be sure to make reservations near this fun event by booking New York City lodging.

After you’ve shed a few extra pounds, you can celebrate your fitness level by heading out on the exhilarating 30 minute Speedboat Ride, “The Beast.” Zoom through the New York City harbor at speeds up to 45 miles an hour and look for the famous Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island on your way. You’ll be provided a full narration by your hilarious captain, “Mad Dog.” Other boats are sure to stay out of the way of this mean craft painted with green eyes and razor sharp teeth!

For an additional exciting time out on the water, make reservations on the 90 minute Manhattan Twilight Cruise, heading out in the beauty of the sunset and summer night. You’ll be able to view the city skyline as it lights up in all directions. Your ship will gently float past several highlights that the city is known for, including the South Street Seaport, Ellis Island, Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building.