Head to San Antonio for the Jalapeño Explosion!

On May 1, San Antonio will host the Jalapeño Explosion at historic Market Square. This unique culinary experience will feature a Jalapeño Eating Championship Challenge and the Jalapeño Culinary Challenge.  The all day event starts at 11:30 am with 12 students from three of the top-tiered culinary institutes in San Antonio demonstrating their cooking skills to see who can create and present the most unique and delicious jalapeño-inspired dish using a mystery ingredient that will provided for them.  The Jalapeño Eating Contest will kick off at 1pm and will feature some of the world’s best professional eaters as they attempt to plow through as many jalapeños as they can in eight minutes for a $3,000 grand prize. The event will also feature plenty of live entertainment, jalapeño specialty foods, and jalapeño-themed merchandise. You will also have the opportunity to learn a little history about the jalapeño and other chilies native to Mexico. Find your favorite San Antonio lodging while you are here also.

Don’t forget to make time to visit The Alamo with the Alamo Reflections Tour.  Not only will you have the opportunity to see and learn more about this historic mission and its place in Texas history, you will also be taken to other historical missions such as the Mission San Jose and Mission Concepción, the oldest stone church in America. Your final stop on the tour will be the El Mercado, a traditional Mexican Marketplace, where you can buy various items from food to authentic Mexican imports. Combining some of the most interesting and historical sights in San Antonio, the Alamo Reflections Tour is sure to be enjoyed by your entire family.

You and your family might also enjoy taking in a San Antonio Mission baseball game on your visit to Texas. The San Antonio Missions are a double A affiliate team of the San Diego Padres and always put on a good show for their audience. A night at the ballpark provides a family outing with plenty of special activities including T-shirt giveaways, dizzy bat races, dot races, and sumo football. Kids will also enjoy the chance to chase Henry the Puffy Taco around the bases or get their picture taken with the Mission’s mascot, Ballapeno, a baseball loving jalapeño.

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