The Astounding Orlando Carnival Takes Off During May

The adventurous Orlando Carnival will bring in audiences from every region as it begins on May 27 – 29. It’s Orlando’s 27th annual carnival in the area. The carnival provides visitors with all kinds of entertainment, from street parades to colorful costumes to exciting live shows. Visitors will have a plethora of attractions to choose from, and families can bring the children to a special “Kiddies Carnival,” which hosts entertainment just for the kids! Caribbean style entertainment such as steel band music, ethnic cuisine and traditional souvenirs will all be yours during your participation in the Orlando Carnival. If you’re interested in staying for an extended vacation during the Orlando Carnival, you can make reservations for our Orlando lodging.

Several other exciting Orlando activities are awaiting your participation as well, including the Orlando Balloon Adventure, which can hold up to ten passengers and will take you on the ride of your life across the Florida terrain. Experience the cool, open air of the Orlando skies as you float for three hours across miles  of beautiful landscape. The operator of the colorful balloon will answer questions you may have about the areas below and will provide you with a safe trip from start to finish. Take your whole family on this incredible, peaceful ride.

After you’ve crossed the Florida landscape in a balloon, you can take an even faster ride with reservations for the Grand Tour, which takes you up in the air via airplane for 30 minutes while your guide narrates. The plane will zoom across the sunlit landscape, going by highlights such as Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, Downtown Disney and Universal Studios. You’ll see many smaller businesses, large shopping attractions and several famous golf courses during your trip. Cameras are certainly encouraged, and you can take as many pictures as you’d like!

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