Have a Finger Lickin’ Good Time at Branson’s Bluegrass and BBQ!

Silver Dollar City will provide a host of events during the annual Bluegrass and BBQ festival in Branson from May 12 – 30. Visitors can enjoy many of their favorite artists, from the incredible Larry Stephenson Band to the twangy Audie Blaylock and Redline. Award winners Kenny and Amanda Smith and many other musical entertainers will be playing during the event as well. While you’re listening to the upbeat music of these artists, feel free to stop by The House of BBQ and Molly’s Mill Restaurant for a delicious blend of barbecued meats and savory sides! For those who enjoy cooking, you can put your skills to work with a class at the Culinary and Craft School and even take home a few recipes with you. Don’t forget to make reservations for this grand event by viewing Branson lodging options.

In addition to the country entertainment at the Bluegrass and BBQ, you can also find plenty of other venues in Branson for a musical experience, including the New South Gospel. You’ll be introduced to an astounding quartet with a large variety of classic gospel songs and hit country songs that cover bands like Rascal Flatts. Welcome this fun group of four singers as they bring the oldies alive with their trained voices. The production will also provide the hilarious antics of Jamie Hagge who will imitate Mike Patrick and Jim Dandy. This two hour experience is one you won’t want to miss!

If you haven’t quite filled your country craving, you can make reservations at the exciting Sunday Gospel Jubilee, featuring the great music of an entire family of talented singers, including lead singer Max Bacon. This show has a long history of great performances and is always bringing new renditions of classic songs to the stage, so you’ll certainly be entertained the whole way through. Keep your Sunday afternoon free and head to the fine Sunday Gospel Jubilee.

0 thoughts on “Have a Finger Lickin’ Good Time at Branson’s Bluegrass and BBQ!

  1. Finger lickin’ and finger snappin’…great combo!! And it’s a great time of year to visit Branson…still cool enough to have a terrific time.

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