Join the Excitement at the Annual FoxTrot Festival near Myrtle Beach!

Located not far from Myrtle Beach, the fun, family atmosphere of the FoxTrot Festival will bring a smile to your face during its annual run on May 21. Visitors can join the residents of Marion as they clap and tap their feet to the dances of performers in the parade. The festivities will start at mid-morning and continue through the day with  a parade full of costumed characters, beautifully decorated floats and great music! A statue of the amazing Revolutionary War General Francis Morton will be shown as well, giving visitors a better understanding of the war hero on which the county was named. There will also be plenty of goodies, fireworks and even a family horse show, so be sure to come early to get the best views! You can reserve your Myrtle Beach lodging online to prepare for the FoxTrot Festival.

The kids will love the festivities of the parade, and if you’re looking for more entertainment, you can take the family to Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament in Myrtle Beach, which hosts a fantastic production within the massive arena inside. Gather around a table that hosts your knight’s banner and cheer for him as he competes in a deadly competition for the hand of the princess. Watch the sparks fly as swords are clashed and lances are thrusted toward knights’ armor. Visitors will also enjoy a full meal with their choice of beverage presented in “medieval” style, giving you no choice but to eat with your hands!

For an added entertainment bonus, you can take your kids to the amazing Planet Hollywood – Myrtle Beach, SC. Enjoy a delicious meal of American fares with your choice of burgers, pastas, salads and desserts. Kids have their own menu to choose from. Catch up on your favorite modern movies, and look for classic exhibits of movie entertainment as well. As you’ll soon find out, Hollywood has plenty to offer to the young and old alike!

0 thoughts on “Join the Excitement at the Annual FoxTrot Festival near Myrtle Beach!

  1. What a sight to see, a swarm of people dancing at the FoxTrot Festival, having a great time. Plus a parade of music and floats…then on to enjoy a horse show. Sounds like a great time!

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