Enjoy Art and Refreshments at Phillips After 5 in Washington DC

There are a variety of interesting museums and art exhibits that you will find in Washington DC during your vacation, and on May 5th, you can enjoy “Phillips after 5” at the The Phillips Collection. This event will give you the chance to mingle with locals and enjoy live entertainment and refreshments while perusing the interesting art exhibits in The Phillips Collection. Some of the artistic work featured includes a series celebrating Rome that features comic strips, and pieces associated with Roman architecture. If you enjoy art, attending Phillips after 5 is certain to be a great addition to your vacation. If you are interested in visiting Washington DC for Phillips after 5, you can compare prices for lodging and make reservations online.

During your vacation in Washington DC, you will want to see some of the area’s historical attractions, and you can embark on a great day trip with the Monticello – Thomas Jefferson Country Tour. This tour will provide you with transportation to Monticello, where you will tour President Thomas Jefferson’s famous home. On the way, you will get to make stops at the University of Virginia and have lunch at the notable and historical Michie Tavern. This full-day experience will give you unique insight into the life of the United States’ third president.

After a day full of sightseeing in Washington DC, you will be ready for a relaxing meal, and you can dine on delicious American fares like burgers and fries while admiring priceless rock and roll artifacts at the Hard Rock Café. This popular restaurant gives you the opportunity to see valuable piece of memorabilia related to rock and roll legends like Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry. If you think the memorabilia is great, then you will love the food, which is guaranteed to satiate your appetite!

0 thoughts on “Enjoy Art and Refreshments at Phillips After 5 in Washington DC

  1. This looks like it would be a lot of fun to go and do.This looks like something the whole family could do with the fact of there being food there and the tour in general looks like a lot of fun. I cant wait to be able to get the chance to go with myself and my family.

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