Shop and Dine at San Antonio’s Memorial Day Arts & Crafts Festival!

Memorial Day can be celebrated in the most grandeur fashion during San Antonio’s Arts and Crafts Festival, taking place from April 27 – 30. The event will attract many visitors to the River Walk, where the majority of vendors and businesses will gather for the festival during the day. Take advantage of the detailed ceramics and pottery displayed along the River Walk and smell the delicious herbs and spices wafting out of many of the restaurants along your stroll across the River Walk. Visitors will have plenty of time to find just the right souvenirs and special items to take back home with them. If you’re interested in staying during the Memorial Day Arts & Crafts Festival, you can make reservations at one of San Antonio’s finest hotels.

San Antonio has many other great features to provide a full vacation once you get here, including a tour of the enormous 86 acre Enchanted Springs Ranch. This ranch is a great experience for both the young and old, and visitors will find plenty to do, from walking through old western buildings to hopping on the back of a rustic wagon for a full tour of the town. You may even see Texas ranchers’ pride and joy – the Texas Longhorn! Visitors can walk through the Texas History Exhibit to fully understand the area’s past.

With all of the walking and touring you’ve been doing, you might need a bit of cooling off, which is easily provided through the Schlitterbahn Waterpark San Antonio. This amazing park features three intense uphill water coasters, a special surfing mechanism and three miles of tube rides for a full relaxation. The park has an incredible view of the bordering Comal River, and the park extends across 65 acres, which gives you and your family plenty to do no matter how long you decide to stay at the park.

0 thoughts on “Shop and Dine at San Antonio’s Memorial Day Arts & Crafts Festival!

  1. I agree with Jessica. San Antonio is one of the coolest vacation spots I’ve ever been to, and I’d love to do go to this event!

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