Branson Welcomes Visitors to 2011 National Travel & Tourism Week!

Area businesses and famous Branson entertainers will gather for the 2011 National Travel & Tourism Week, giving visitors a chance to meet new faces and legendary performers in the Branson area from May 9 – 13. Visitors will enjoy dining on a delicious prepared meal at the cook-out on May 10 at the Welcome Center during the noon hours and greet other Branson visitors. The event encompasses Branson’s main attractions – entertainment and hospitality! A full schedule will soon be made that provides visitors with the times when their favorite Branson performers will be available. If you’re planning on sticking around for the event, you can check out some of Branson’s lodging and make reservations for your big trip.

If visitors would like additional entertainment, they can head out on the water for an exciting trip on the Showboat Branson Belle, one of the city’s most famous attractions. This historic paddleboat features a traditional setting with many sightseeing opportunities on the boat’s decks. Visitors will be able to choose between a dinner cruise and a lunch cruise, featuring delicious cuisine such as fresh salad and a choice of entrees. Sit back at your table and enjoy an incredible performance by actors and actresses.

For an additional round of live entertainment, visitors can head over to the Pierce Arrow Show, featuring a hilarious comedian and many musical numbers from the country genre. The colorful production will surround you with entertainment for two hours and give you a chance to hear the amazing Dan Britton, an amazing bass vocalist who has held the record for the lowest bass singer for many years. The show features the talents of an entire quartet, with Casey Ellison, Gary Koreiba, Tim Storms and Scott Fraker as members.

0 thoughts on “Branson Welcomes Visitors to 2011 National Travel & Tourism Week!

  1. Wow… the 2011 National Travel & Tourism Week, sounds like the perfect time to visit Branson. We would get to enjoy the entertainers and be treated to a cook-out, too!

  2. I’ll be going to Branson for my birthday weekend! Everyone tells me the Dixie Stampede is a must see. I’m contemplating it!

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