View the Immense Grand Canyon from Above on Your Vacation!

Planes and helicopters will transport you from one area of the canyon to the next on these extraordinary adventures in the Grand Canyon. You can view the majesty of the canyon with a bird’s eye view, taking in the Painted Desert and sharp cliff faces that make this place one of the natural wonders of the world. The canyon attracts thousands of people every year, but the because of its sheer size and immensity, the canyon is best viewed from above, giving visitors the best understanding and big picture of the area while they’re here.

Start off your Grand Canyon adventure by taking the South Rim Airplane Tour, an exciting trip that provides you with highlights such as Zuni Point, the beautiful Painted Desert, Navajo Indian Reservation and the Desert View Watchtower. Fly high across the canyon in your comfortable airplane, letting the pilot do the work as you enjoy all the sights surrounding you. You’ll even have a chance to see the tremendous Kaibab National Forest, the most famous natural growth in the area.

In addition to the airplane tour, visitors can also see highlights of the South Rim on the North Canyon Helicopter Tour, providing amazing views of the winding Colorado River and the Dragon Corridor. The helicopter will enter the Dragon Corridor during your 30 minute flight, giving you an up-close inspection of the amazing geological features that surround this unique area. You’ll also receive a special live narration from your pilot, providing you with insight into the area’s history.

Discover both the North and the South Rim on the exciting Grand Kingdom Helicopter Tour – North & South Rim, giving visitors a sightseeing experience 5,000 feet above the Colorado River. Visitors will find out more about the geological features of the Grand Canyon than they ever imagined, with an easy way to sightsee and learn from viewpoints near such highlights as the Imperial Point to the Painted Desert.

0 thoughts on “View the Immense Grand Canyon from Above on Your Vacation!

  1. Being able to fly abouve the Grand Canyon in the North Canyon Helicopter Tour was amazing. It was an experience I will never forget.

  2. It would be ideal to experience the Grand Canyon’s beauty from above in a plane or helicopter tour. It’s a must do on my vacation list!

  3. I think that seeing the grandcanyon would be a wonderful experience. I think that everyone should want to see it sometime in their life.

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