Experience Extravaganzoo at the Nashville Zoo with the Kids!

The annual Nashville Eggstravaganzoo promises fun and adventure for both the old and the young for the entire day on April 23. Visitors and locals will be able to take their kids to the center of this great event and participate in one of the largest egg hunts in Nashville, featuring 30,000 eggs. All egg hunts will take place on the Zoo’s Festival Field, which is large enough to accompany children and their families during select times of the day. As a special treat, visitors will be able to watch animals hunt for eggs filled with edibles meant just for them, in addition to several featured games that families are welcome to join in on. Visitors can book Nashville hotel reservations if they’re interested in staying for an extended period of time, and Nashville Zoo reservations are available as well.

Nashville has many other kid-friendly attractions available to families as well, including the fun Nashville Limo Sightseeing Tours, taking visitors on an adventure in a classy Lincoln Town Car or a powerful Ford Expedition. Either way, families will receive the full experience of Nashville through their extensive tour, riding along the same route as the Country Music Stars Home Tour. View the luxurious estates of Dolly Parton, Alan Jackson, other legendary music stars – you might even see them outside their home!

In addition to a tour, families can take their kids to an enjoyable music and dining experience at the Hard Rock Cafe, featuring America’s favorite food and rock memorabilia. Point out the famous guitars, clothing and pictures on the walls. Some of the highlights of this Hard Rock Cafe include Garth Brook’s hat and Michael Jackson’s shoes. Classic rock music will be playing as well for you to enjoy. Best of all, this particular Hard Rock Cafe is located in Nashville’s historic district, near many other favorite historic features.

0 thoughts on “Experience Extravaganzoo at the Nashville Zoo with the Kids!

  1. This Experience Extravaganzoo at the Nashville Zoo seems like a lot of fun. If you have children it seems like a great place to bring them along to sightsee and experience all the other things that are going on.

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