World-Fest Brings International Cultures to Branson’s Silver Dollar City

Silver Dollar City is getting ready to host the annual World-Fest celebration starting on April 7th and continuing until May 8th. This event is known as America’s Largest International Festival and offers a variety of interesting performances from talented showmen and women from around the world. The Russian State Circus, Canadian Powerhouse world-champion ship fiddlers and step-dancers, and the Rhythms of Rajasthan from India are just a few of the exciting performances you can expect to see at Silver Dollar City during this festival. You can even get a sample of foods from around the world at the special Tastes of the World exhibit. It’s an event that is designed to educate and entertain people of all ages, so bring your whole family along for this adventure!

If you’re interested in continuing your exploration of other cultures and talents outside of Silver Dollar City, make sure to see the Acrobats of China featuring the New Shanghai Circus. The Acrobats of China offer a stunning display of performance art that showcases their unique flexibility, agility, and strength. Dancing, contortion acts, juggling, aerial ballet, and a trapeze act are just the beginning of what this unique show has to offer. The exotic and rare talents featured in this show are family-friendly, so everyone can come and enjoy this show.

You don’t have to end your cultural adventure with the Acrobats of China. You can continue your exploration of different cultures at Yakov’s Dinner Adventure. This dinner and show combination brings you the talents of a 200 year old show formerly known as the Moscow Circus. You will be thrilled by strongmen, animal performers, clowns, and unicyclists throughout this performance. Each of the performers is considered a master of their particular act, so you’re certain to see some impressive displays. Your show also includes traditional Russian menu items such as pierogi, a puff pastry with potatoes, cheese, and onion inside, and kukuruski soup, a creamy corn chower. Between the dinner and the meal, you’re certain to get a real look at Russian culture and heritage!

0 thoughts on “World-Fest Brings International Cultures to Branson’s Silver Dollar City

  1. Silver Dollar City is always a fun place to go! I would love to go there during the spring time for all the festivals.

  2. It’s surprising that we get culture like America’s Largest International Festival right here in the Ozarks! Sounds like a great time!

  3. This a great experience getting to have a little culture in your own home state. I think SDC does a great event with World Fest.

  4. Worlds fest has always been fun for me. It’s interesting to see the different cultures mix with our own culture in rustic silver dollar city.

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