See The World’s Largest Dinosaurs in the Big Apple This Spring!

There are a variety of great museums and attractions to visit in New York, and you won’t want to miss seeing “The World’s Largest Dinosaurs” at the American Museum of Natural History. This exciting exhibit runs from April 16 until May 26 and features a variety of exhibits about sauropods, the largest dinosaurs. These immense creatures measured up to 150 feet, and you will be fascinated at how they lived, moved and survived during their existence. This exhibit will only be shown for a limited time, so be sure to include “The World’s Largest Dinosaurs” in your vacation plans!

New York is full of unique tours for visitors, and during your visit, you should consider taking Rapper’s Row – The Queens Hip Hop Tour. This great tour is perfect for those that love hip hop music and want to get an up-close and personal view of the industry. On the tour, you will visit iconic locations throughout Queens and midtown Manhattan that have been instrumental in the hip hop industry, like 5 Pointz, Magic Johnson Studios and Jamaica Avenue. You will also get to visit hotspots featured in some of your favorite hip hop music videos. This tour is appropriate for all ages, so bring your whole family along!

After a day full of sightseeing in the Big Apple, you will be ready for a relaxing evening of dining and entertainment at the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament! This spectacular experience provides you with a delicious meal of roasted chicken, herb-basted potatoes and other delicious sides while dazzling you with an impressive show. You will see six valiant knights partake in medieval competitions like jousting and sword fighting to win your favor. You will feel just like you’ve taken a time machine back to medieval times!

0 thoughts on “See The World’s Largest Dinosaurs in the Big Apple This Spring!

  1. This would be great for kids and the young at heart who have an interest in dinosours, its fun to hear and learn about these big creatures that once lived here which is crazy to think about and makes you wonder.

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