Enjoy Great Films at the 20th Annual Florida Film Festival!

When planning your getaway to Orlando this spring, you can enjoy great entertainment opportunities at the 20th Annual Florida Film Festival. This exciting event takes place April 8th through April 17th in Maitland, Florida near Orlando and features more than 160 films from all over the world. At the festival, 25 different countries will be represented through film. With so many films of a variety of subjects and genres, you will definitely find one that you will love. You may even get to meet your favorite actor, actress or director at this much-anticipated event!

If you would like to experience the unique nightlife in Orlando during your vacation, you can enjoy an experience like no other at ICEBAR Orlando. This fabulous venue gives you the opportunity to escape the Florida heat and enjoy an icy wonderland inside ICEBAR. The bar is kept at a chilling 27 degrees, and everything from the couches to the bars are made completely from ice! Even the glass that your drink comes in is made of ice at the ICEBAR, so you are sure to have a fun and unique experience!

Orlando is rich with fabulous shopping opportunities, and you can enjoy a great time shopping on an Orlando Shopping Extravaganza! This shopping package provides you with an exciting shopping tour complete with free gifts, valuable discounts and both breakfast and lunch. You will get to visit a variety of shopping hotspots on your Orlando Shopping Extravaganza, so you are bound to find great deals and the perfect souvenir for your Orlando vacation!

0 thoughts on “Enjoy Great Films at the 20th Annual Florida Film Festival!

  1. The ICEbar sounds really cool (haha). Not sure if it would be totally my thing though because I tend to get really cold.

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