Branson Titanic Hosts 5th Annual Irish Celebration!

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and there’s no better way to celebrate this fun holiday than with some of Branson’s Titanic museum, which will bring to life the Irish culture during March. The event lasts the entire month, so you can plan your family vacation around your kids’ spring break! Inside the museum, you’ll be able to take a closer look at some of the stories of the Irish laborers who worked on the Titanic in Belfast. The Titanic museum will concentrate on the Irish men and women from Emerald Isle with exhibits promoting the Irish culture, music and legends. You can make your reservations at one of Branson’s fine hotels beforehand to make sure your vacation plans are in order.

Branson is filled with other great attractions in the area as well, and if you’re still interested in area history, you can head over to the World’s Largest Toy Museum, which has toys dating clear back to the early 19th century. Inside, you’ll discover relics from your childhood, with all kinds of planes, bicycles and miniature wind-ups. Tell your kids about the “good ‘ol days,” and read about other toys you may not have known existed. A gift shop is on-site, so you can pick up presents for family members.

In addition to your other museum visits, you can check out the Harold Bell Wright Museum as well, which promotes many of this great author’s works in manuscript form. View everything from his best-selling books including “Shepherd of the Hills” to his very own gun collection. Wright was the first writer to become a millionaire from his writing, and some of his books even made it into Hollywood, creating great movies starring actors such as John Wayne.

0 thoughts on “Branson Titanic Hosts 5th Annual Irish Celebration!

  1. This is an exhibit that I would love to be able to go see one day. It would be interesting to see something like this.

  2. Learning about Irish culture, and the language is on one of my most wanted things to-do list, considering I have a fair amount of Irish blood in me!

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