Rare Jewelry and Historic Artifacts Displayed in New Orleans’ All That Glitters Exhibit

People are traveling from all over to view the incredible All That Glitters exhibit presented at Longue Vue Gardens. This exhibit features dazzling Carnival jewelry, Rex crowns, scepters, court favors, ducal badges, and Comus Cups that were popular during the Golden Age or the late 19th century to 1930. Some of the most fascinating pieces being displayed include the jewelry of the 1909 Queen of Comus, the crown and scepter of the 1915 Queen of the Carnival, and the 1911 Comus Cup and jewels of Miss Downman. Each of the exquisite pieces on display is rarely seen by the public, and some of the pieces have never before been presented in a public setting. That makes this one of the most unique exhibits of its kind. You will certainly want to visit New Orleans to view these rare pieces of history.

While you’re in New Orleans, view more of the area’s beauty and history with the Garden District Walking Tour. The Garden District houses some of the most charming and colorful areas in New Orleans. Writers and artists have often used this part of New Orleans in books and paintings because of its unusually scenic and historic venues. During your tour, you will be presented with a wireless headset so that you can clearly hear the narration of your guide as you walk. Some of the places you can expect to stop by that are especially interesting include Lafayette Cemetery, Toby’s Corner, and a local cafe. At the cafe, you can enjoy a refreshment while thinking about some of the incredible sights you’ve seen.

You can’t visit the Garden District without also stopping by the French Quarter. The French Quarter Walking Tour gives you a charming tour of the district that has mainly been shaped by the Creole people of the neighborhood. During the tour, you will see the oldest building in the Mississippi Valley, the Ursuline Convent, as well as the Bella Luna Restaurant which gets its herbs from the Ursuline Convent each day. Your final stop on the tour will be the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum where displays of old remedies, potions, and mixes used by medical and voodoo practitioners are out for viewing. This may be one of the most memorable parts of your vacation.

0 thoughts on “Rare Jewelry and Historic Artifacts Displayed in New Orleans’ All That Glitters Exhibit

  1. “All That Glitters” sounds awesome! I would love to see all of that costume jewelry, especially the really old pieces.

  2. The Garden District Walking Tour sound like fun! I would love to see this area because it has to be beautiful if artists are putting pictures of it in there books.

  3. Wow, the jewelry exhibit sounds awesome! I have never made it to Mardi Gras, but this sounds like it would be just as exciting. I would love to see New Orleans in the Spring.

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