Satiate Your Artistic Appetite in Memphis!

Vacationers come to Memphis each year to experience the variety of exciting activities and attractions in the area, but you will find that there are a number of great rotating art exhibits in Memphis as well. At the Brooks Museum of Art, you can see a fabulous exhibit celebrating food called “A Feast for the Eyes,” which will be on display through May. “A Feast for the Eyes” premiered February 1st and features images of food, people gathering for meals, still life drawings of produce and kitchen scenes. This unique exhibit has art works ranging from eighteenth century caricatures to modern paintings, so you are sure to see some interesting works of art celebrating food!


While you are visiting Memphis, you are sure to notice that the town is characterized by musical culture, and you can see how Gibson guitars have contributed the establishment of Memphis as a musical center by taking a Gibson Guitar Factory Tour. On the tour, you will get to see all of the painstaking detail that goes into making these incredible guitars that are considered to be some of the best musical instruments produced in the United States. And since the Gibson Guitar Factory is located just off Beale Street, you can head over after your tour to hear some of these great guitars in action by catching a blues performance at one of the many clubs located there.


During your visit to Memphis, you will want to visit some of the famous historical landmarks in the city, and you will absolutely love your educational visit to the National Civil Rights Museum. This spectacular museum sits in the very spot where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated and is full of important artifacts associated with civil rights. At the museum, you can see a variety of exhibits dedicated to events during the Civil Rights Movement like the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the March on Washington. For a great educational experience that is inspiring as well, be sure to include a visit to the National Civil Rights Museum in your vacation plans.

2 thoughts on “Satiate Your Artistic Appetite in Memphis!

    1. This is a great read. I don’t think people realize just how many museums there are in Memphis, and of all different kinds!

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