Entertain Family with a Mount Rushmore Excursion!

You can make a trip to Mount Rushmore this year and find plenty of attractions for you and your family to experience. South Dakota is covered with large groves of pine, cedar and red maple trees that stretch across the hills, providing you with plenty of scenery. Educational tours, dinner shows and sculptures of historic figures are present near the Mount Rushmore area to provide the perfect vacation for adults and kids. You can spend plenty of time experiencing some of these attractions with a few of the highlights below.

Holy Terror Mini Golf – Keystone, SD

The Holy Terror Mini Golf – Keystone, SD, is a favorite for families who can breathe in the mountain air while putting along the 18 hole course. There are several obstacles along the way, so make sure you avoid the water hazards, steep slopes, and even large boulders that may block your view. The course is guaranteed to appeal to all ages, and its a great way to bond with the whole family.

National Presidential Wax Museum

After your golf game, you might as well head over to the National Presidential Wax Museum, which sits right next to the golf course. Inside, you can identify some of the most important significant historical events in America, such as former President George W. Bush’s visitation to Ground Zero after 9/11, or Roosevelt’s trip to Yalta. You’ll have the chance to view these presidents up close, admiring the intricate detail of each one.

Flying T Chuckwagon Supper and Show

The Flying T is known for its friendly atmosphere, and you are welcome to sing along with these talented performers as they sing of the good ol’ days with traditional country music. The food is absolutely delicious, with a choice of tender barbecue roast beef or grilled chicken, Chuckwagon potatoes, and western baked beans. Entertain the family with this musical group of cowboys that play, dance and even add in their own style of comedy.

2 thoughts on “Entertain Family with a Mount Rushmore Excursion!

  1. I haven’t been to Mount Rushmore in a long time. It’s probably time to go back…these attractions look appealing!

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