Boogie to the Blues in Nashville March 6th!

If you like the blues, you will absolutely love visiting Nashville for the Nashville Blues Festival on March 6. This exciting event, which will take places at the Municipal Auditorium, will be a full evening of great entertainment provided by notable blues musicians like The Manhattans, Marvin Sease, Shirley Brown and Mel Waiters. This exciting evening of blues is sure to keep you on your feet dancing the night away, and it will be the perfect compliment to your relaxing Nashville vacation. Be sure to plan ahead to attend this fabulous event that is sure to draw a crowd!


While you are in Nashville, you will want to have a relaxing evening of entertainment, and you can see a great show and satiate your appetite with a delicious meal by taking a General Jackson Showboat Dinner Cruise. This incredible cruise will take you aboard an authentic paddlewheel boat where you will enjoy a fabulous meal of rosemary roasted chicken, salad, and a delectable dessert while being entertained by talented performers. The General Jackson’s impressive show, Country Music USA, is sure to keep you tapping your toes all night to your favorite country hits!


Because Nashville is a music industry city, your visit won’t be complete without a visit to the Hard Rock Café. This fabulous restaurant is known for its impressive array of music memorabilia, and you can see valuable artifacts like Garth Brooks’ hat and Michael Jackson’s shoes while dining on terrific American fares like burgers and fries. This Hard Rock Café is located on the historic site of Nashville’s first brothel, and you are sure to be impressed by the variety of Nashville memorabilia that is housed in this great eating establishment as well!

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