See Branson’s Hottest Stars Together in One Big Show!

There are so many exciting shows in Branson that it would be nearly impossible to see them all during one short vacation, but if you are planning to visit Branson in February, you can see some of Branson’s best performers from a variety of shows in one large scale production! The 17th Annual Hot Winter Fun Big Show, which takes place February 23rd at Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theatre, will feature performers from popular shows like the Baldknobbers Jamboree Show, Pierce Arrow, the Hughes Brothers Show, Legends in Concert and Hank Williams Revisited. This much anticipated show will be the perfect show to see during your winter getaway in Branson!
While you are vacationing in Branson, be sure to spend some time visiting some of the exciting interactive attractions. Titanic – The Legend Continues sets you out on a voyage aboard the Titanic while following the story of an actual passenger. You will see a variety of artifacts and exhibits with interesting information about the ship as you move through the Titanic-shaped museum. At the end of your visit, you will find out if your passenger survived or perished in the ship’s sinking. This popular attraction features more than 400 artifacts and exhibits relating to the Titanic, including an exact replica of the ship’s famous Grand Staircase. You are sure to have an interesting educational experience at this incredible attraction that will make your Branson vacation memorable.


During your Branson vacation, you can get a rare look at the history of American veterans at the Veterans Memorial Museum, which has sections devoted to WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and Desert Storm. This incredible museum houses more than 2,000 exhibits and artifacts related to veterans of American wars. A visit to the Veterans Memorial Museum is the perfect way to pay tribute to the brave men and women who have sacrificed their lives to protect the rights and way of life of Americans. This historical museum attraction will be a great history lesson for people of all ages, so it is perfect for families!

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