Fashion History Brings Style to Colonial Williamsburg

If you love fashion and history, you’re going to be thrilled with the new exhibit at Colonial Williamsburg, Fashion Accessories from Head to Toe: 1600 to 1840. This exhibit features the hottest accessories that were worn up to 400 years ago. Purses, shawls, hats, shoes, and gloves are just a few of the accessories you will see on display. You may be surprised and amused by this exhibit’s pieces of history and interested in the symbolic meaning that many of these fashion symbols carried during that time period. This exhibit will be available from now until August 31st, so plan a visit to the area to get a glimpse of this fascinating bit of fashion history at Colonial Williamsburg.

After visiting Colonial Williamsburg, plunge into the exciting history of ships on the high seas with the Yorktown Sailing Cruises. The Yorktown Sailing Cruises will give you the chance to explore the area aboard a tall ship made to replicate those that sailed over 300 years ago. This incredible sailing opportunity is the perfect setting for a tour just off the shores of Williamsburg where you will enjoy lovely scenic views and get to hear about the historic activities that took place in the area on both land and water.

Your history exploration can continue with a visit to the Jamestown Settlement and the Yorktown Victory Center. At Jamestown Settlement, you will get to explore the 1600’s by visiting a replicated village from that time and interacting with living history performers showing everyday activities from that time period. For your added enjoyment, three replicas of the original ships that sailed to Virginia are also located at the settlement. At the Yorktown Victory Center, you will get to explore the events that led up to the American Revolution through film, galleries, and living history interpretations that have been designed to bring history to life. When you get the Jamestown and Yorktown Combo, you get admission to both for one great price!

0 thoughts on “Fashion History Brings Style to Colonial Williamsburg

  1. I enjoy history a lot! I’m not a big fan of fashion, but Williamsburg has all kinds of other activities I could do in the meantime.

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