See Traditional Flamenco Dance in San Antonio

If you are planning a vacation in San Antonio this February, you can experience the rich culture of the city by attending the 6th Annual Alma de Mujer, which is a flamenco dance production that takes place February 26-27 at the Guadalupe Theater. The Guadalupe Dance Company puts painstaking detail into the choreography of the show each year, and the performers strive to interpret the relationships that shape women’s lives through dance. If you want to attend on opening night, be sure to secure priority seating so you can enjoy Spanish tapas and sangria during the performance. This unique event gives you a rare glimpse into the culture that shapes the area, so you will definitely want to include the Alma de Mujer in your vacation plans!

While you are in San Antonio, you will want to see some of the natural beauty of the area. By touring Natural Bridge Caverns, which is often referred to as the “Jewel in the Crown of Texas Attractions,” you will see gorgeous flowstones, stalactites, stalagmites and chandelier formations in a gorgeous underground cave. On the 75-minute tour, you will go 180 feet below ground to explore the majestic cave. Be sure to visit the gift shop before leaving the cave so you can purchase a fossil or precious stone to remember your visit to Natural Bridge Caverns.

During you stay in San Antonio, you won’t want to miss seeing some of the city’s most notable landmarks. The Alamo is perhaps the most famous symbol of Texas, and you will definitely want to visit the Alamo during your vacation. With the Alamo Trolley Tour with Hop Pass, you will enjoy an IMAX production about the Alamo, admission to the Institute of Texan Cultures and a stop at the breathtaking Alamo site. Your Texas vacation won’t be complete without a visit to this incredible landmark, and the Alamo Trolley Tour with Hop Pass will allow you to visit several different attractions at one low price.

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