Plan Ahead for Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein Live on Stage in Memphis!

If you are planning a weekend escape to Memphis this March, be sure to include a performance of the Mel Brooks musical Young Frankenstein in your vacation plans. This play, which shows March 8-13 at the Orpheum Theatre, is based on the hit film Young Frankenstein and is developed into a musical with exciting new songs! If you like the films of comedic master Mel Brooks, you won’t want to miss this exciting performance that is sure to keep you laughing and tapping your toes to musical numbers like “Transylvania Mania” and “Puttin’ on the Ritz.” This exciting play is sure to please audiences and make new fans of the legendary Mel Brooks.


While you are in Memphis, you will want to see the best hotspots in the city, and you can experience the exciting landmarks and attractions that Memphis has to offer by taking a Memphis Mojo Tour. This tour, which is led by a local musician, takes you by famous landmarks like Sun Studio, The Lorraine Hotel and Cotton Row. Aboard your tour bus, you will enjoy added fun and excitement by joining along with your tour guide and other guests by making music with the tambourines, bongos and shakers that are provided. The vintage tour bus adds a special ambience to the tour that will be an excellent addition to your Memphis vacation.


After a fun-filled day of activities in Memphis, you will surely have worked up an appetite. You can enjoy a delicious meal while admiring priceless rock and roll memorabilia with a visit to the Hard Rock Café. Since Memphis is the birthplace of a variety of blues and soul music, you are sure to see some impressive artifacts related to greats like Elvis Presley and Bo Diddley while you satiate your appetite with tasty American fares like burgers and fries. You won’t want to miss the museum-worthy memorabilia at the Memphis Hard Rock Café, so be sure to include a visit to this notable restaurant in your vacation plans!

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