Mount Rushmore’s Journey Museum Commemorates 40th Anniversary of Apollo Missions

Inside Mount Rushmore’s Journey Museum on February 25, visitors will be able to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of NASA’S Apollo Missions to the Moon. You’ll hear a presentation by the knowledgeable Tom Durkin, the Deputy Director of NASA South Dakota Space Grant Consortium. Durkin will start from the early years of space travel, when President John F. Kennedy told America’s Congress that we would have a man on the moon with safe travel back to Earth by the end of the 1960s. Afterward, you’ll be able to discover the quick developments of mankind’s ambitions and goals as NASA launched their Gemini, Mercury and Apollo missions. Visit the Journey Museum today for a walk through Mount Rushmore’s extensive history, and book Mount Rushmore lodging as well.

If you want an experience taking you back even further through history, you can head over to the Flying T Chuckwagon Supper and Show, giving you a rootin’ tootin’ performance by the famous Flying T Wranglers with country music and hilarious comedy. Take advantage of the delicious hot meal provided for visitors, which has everything from warm biscuits with honey to a choice of roast beef, grilled chicken or BBQ buffalo. Tap your toe to the fun, swingin’ music of the Old West!

After a night of feasting and country music, you’ll enjoy an educational experience with the Mount Rushmore Audio Tour, allowing you to walk through the Mount Rushmore National Memorial at your own pace. You can listen to the epic music, lively narration and informative interviews by those who have expertise in Mount Rushmore’s history. Take a walk around the provided route on your map or take a seat and listen to your recorded guide. The choice is completely yours.

0 thoughts on “Mount Rushmore’s Journey Museum Commemorates 40th Anniversary of Apollo Missions

  1. The Apollo missions have always been fascinating to me, especially after I watched the movie. This presentation would certainly be worth my time!

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