Savannah Irish Festival Draws Legendary Music and Performances

Savannah has the perfect outlet for those wanting to celebrate the Irish culture before St. Patrick’s Day – the Savannah Irish Festival. On February 18-20, the city will open several areas for large entertainment venues such as the Festival Main State and Festival Pub Stage acts. Each fun event incorporates lively dances, traditional costumes and songs from the traditions of Ireland. Visitors can watch both kids and adults read folk tales and give a background of the Irish history. It’s a great time to bring along family, and if your kids are under 14, they’re admitted free. Choose your Savannah lodging for reservations before you go.

If you still want to experience the pub life for yourself, the Savannah Martini Tour lets you travel from one pub to the next. Head out later at night and see Savannah’s downtown city streets light up. Your knowledgeable guide, Hollywood Ron, will take you to four night spots and provide you with information on a few of the celebrities that frequent the area and tell facts known only to some of the locals. You’ll receive a signature martini at each of your stops.

The Savannah Historical Experience Tour lets you experience the Savannah culture even further, and you can head out on a luxury bus to explore the intricate details of the downtown area. You’ll see over 250 years of history in this great city, and your bus will stop by several highlighted regions such as the Victorian District, Beach Institute, Victory Drive, Historic District and Thomas Square. The tour lasts around two and a half hours with a full narration.

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