Washington DC Attracts Homemakers with Capital Home and Garden Show!

At the end of the this month, the Washington DC Dulles Expo Center will celebrate its annual Capital Home and Garden Show, giving locals and visitors from across the country a chance to learn about house remodeling, furnishing and landscape improvements they can make to their own homes. The show takes place on February 25-27, and all kinds of home improvement workshops, seminars and presentations will be available for you to attend. This special event provides expert advice on how to improve your property. Book your reservations at a Washington DC hotel today.

After you’ve attended the Capital Home and Garden Show, you can see the rest of Washington DC with the Washington Photo Safari Half Day, which combines many of the best national monuments and landmarks into one picturesque tour. Pack your camera and head out with your guide to explore well-known areas like the U.S. Capitol, Union Station, Lafayette Park, Vietnam Veterans Memorial and Albert Einstein Memorial. Your knowledgeable guide has great tips on how to take some of the best shots of these highlights, whether you’re using a point-and-shoot or a more complex camera.

In addition to your explorations around DC, you can feast on a hearty meal inside the castle walls of the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament – Hanover MD. Sit down at your royal table and dine on four courses while you watch an extraordinary tale of six knights who battle for the heart of the princess. The production reigns down special effects from wizards and spotlights the banner of every knight as they fight with swords and lances around the sandy arena.

0 thoughts on “Washington DC Attracts Homemakers with Capital Home and Garden Show!

  1. There are a lot of outdoor improvements that I could learn about to implement in my future house. This sounds like a great opportunity.

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