Learn About the First Africans in the United States in Williamsburg This February!

With its rich colonial history, Williamsburg is one of the United States’ most visited historical areas. You can learn a lot about early European colonists in Williamsburg, and this February, you can have the unique opportunity to learn about the colonies’ first African population as well. The first slaves to come to Virginia were from Angola, and you can learn all about the Virginia-Angola connection by visiting the “From Africa to Virginia” exhibit at the Jamestown Settlement gallery. At the exhibit, you will learn about the experiences of early Africans in Virginia and all about the Angolian Queen Nijinga. This exciting exhibit will take places February 6-27, and you can catch several lectures on the topic of early African slaves throughout the month of February.

If you would like an in-depth history lesson about our nation’s Presidents while you are in Williamsburg, you will love visiting President’s Park. At the park, you will see 16 foot busts of each U.S. President and plenty of interesting facts about each of them. There are five themed tours at the park, so you are sure to find something exciting to learn about at President’s Park. After a stroll through the park admiring the Presidential busts, be sure to have a snack and some tea at the First Ladies Tea Parlor!

Although Williamsburg is known for its historical attractions, there are a variety of other exciting things to do in Williamsburg as well. At Busch Gardens Williamsburg, you can enjoy thrilling rides and a variety of entertaining shows, making the theme park an excellent destination for families. Whether you would enjoy seeking thrills on Griffon, the tallest dive roller coaster in the world, or listening to great oldies music at the American Jukebox show, you are sure to find hours of entertainment at Busch Gardens Williamsburg!

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