New York Visitors Anticipate the Susan Sarandon Picture Show

Tourists flock to the Big Apple every year to attend its various celebrations and cultural events. This makes New York a great setting for a variety of movies and shows, and visitors often get the chance to spot celebrities in the city. If you are a fan of Susan Sarandon, you will love the chance to see her in person at the Susan Sarandon Picture Show at the Brooklyn Academy of Music on February 10th and 13th. At this exciting event, you will get to watch several of her best-loved movies like Dead Man Walking and Bull Durham and then take part in an intimate Q&A with the actress after the show! You won’t want to miss this exciting opportunity to see the Oscar winning star and ask her questions after viewing some of her best films.

One of New York’s most famous emblems is the Statue of Liberty, and your New York getaway won’t be complete without a unique view of Lady Liberty at night! With the Statue by Night Cruise, you will have the opportunity to get breathtaking views of the statue fully lit in all her glory from the comfort of a cruise ship. As you approach the gorgeous statue, you will enjoy the treat of a complimentary champagne toast to celebrate everything the statue stands for. For a truly memorable experience, you will want to include the Statue by Night Cruise in your vacation plans.

If you are interested in experiencing some of New York’s rich history and culture during your visit, be sure to include the Harlem Soul Food and Jazz Experience in your vacation plans. On this tour, you will get to visit the legendary Cotton Club, the Savoy Ballroom, Lincoln Theater and other exciting jazz hotspots. You will enjoy some of New York’s most delicious soul food like spicy ribs, friend fish and chicken and decadent macaroni and cheese. Jazz and literature fans will love learning about the history of an area that produced so many important musical and literary works.

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