Orlando Visitors Anticipate Elton John’s Exciting Musical “Aida”

All of the exciting tours in the Orlando area make it an exciting vacation destination, but Orlando has incredible art and theater exhibitions that add to the city’s appeal as well. This winter, you won’t want to miss “Aida,” an exciting theater production written by the notable Elton John and Tim Rice. The story is set in ancient Egypt and follows the story of a Nubian Princess who falls in love with an Egyptian commander. This compelling musical about doomed love promises great songs by Elton John, laughs and maybe even a few tears. The performances will take place at the Goldman Theatre at John & Rita Lowndes Shakespeare Center. “Aida” is only playing January 28 through February 13, so you won’t want to miss your opportunity to see this musical that is destined to be an Orlando hit!

Although a vacation in Orlando is an exciting adventure in itself, you can add to the excitement by taking the Florida Manatees Adventure Tour. On this tour, you will learn about manatees and even get a chance to swim and go snorkeling with these gentle aquatic mammals in the beautiful Crystal River. Later in the day, you will take an airboat tour to see more manatees during a feeding session, where you may also see bears, panthers, alligators and even hippos! If you would like to get an up close and personal view of some of Florida’s best-loved wildlife, you will definitely want to include the Florida Manatees Adventure Tour in your vacation plans!

Orlando is known for its exciting theme parks, and your Orlando vacation won’t be complete without a visit to Universal Studios Orlando. With more than 25 exciting rides and a variety of shows, both leisure vacationers and thrill seekers will find something to keep them entertained all day! Universal Studios also has a sister park, Islands of Adventure, that features six different island settings. Fans of J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series will love the new addition to Islands of Adventure, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, where you can take a step right into your favorite Harry Potter book or movie!

0 thoughts on “Orlando Visitors Anticipate Elton John’s Exciting Musical “Aida”

  1. Elton Jon’s music. snorkeling with the manatee’s, Universal Studios Orlando , Amazingly fun…. I have been to Universal Studios and had a blast so visiting again would be awesome.

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