See Important African American Artifacts in Washington DC This February

When planning a winter getaway, Washington DC is an excellent vacation destination with its variety of historical and cultural attractions. This February, you can experience “America I Am: The African American Imprint,” which is an exciting exhibit that will be housed at the National Geographic Museum. This display of valuable artifacts celebrates 400 years of African American contributions to American society. At the exhibit, you will have the opportunity to see artifacts like Malcom X’s personal belongings, the stool from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birmingham jail cell and Muhammad Ali’s robe. This exhibit begins February 2, so start making plans now to attend this important exhibit!

There are so many exciting things to see in Washington DC that it is necessary to take a tour so you don’t miss anything important. With the DC The Best! Tour, you can visit notable landmarks like the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the Kennedy Center and the US Capitol in a motor coach with a professional tour guide who will be sure to fill you in on all the important stories and information about each of these landmarks. Be sure to bring your camera on this tour because you won’t want to forget all the exciting landmarks you will see!

After taking an exciting tour to see the sights in Washington DC, there may be a few landmarks that you may want to spend more time exploring. Consider renting a bicycle from Bike and Roll Bicycle Rental. You can get some exercise while you avoid the costs of a taxi and the crowds of the subway, and you can take all the time you need visiting landmarks like the White House and the National Mall. Bike and Roll also offers child bike rentals, so the whole family can bike around DC and enjoy the sights!

0 thoughts on “See Important African American Artifacts in Washington DC This February

  1. I can’t wait to see some of these artifacts in person. I just wish that there was some way that I could have a conversation with all three – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Muhammad Ali, and Malcom X – while observing these artifacts so that I could hear their stories.

  2. I Really would love to go and see those artifacts. so i can learn more about What some of those people did for us more then i already know. so i would love to take my family to visit this. It would be really lovely.

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