Take Nashville Tours With Your Family in Nashville!

Head down to Nashville for a full exploration of the city’s culture, arts, history and music. You can take several tours that are specifically geared toward visitors’ interests, whether it’s focused on the Nashville music stars and legends that live here or a look inside some of Nashville’s most famous plantations. Make sure you bring your entire family to share in the joys of your vacation. The city has several restaurants and attractions of all kinds downtown, so be sure to travel slowly as you discover new opportunities in this great city. For some great activity starters, you can book the following tours.

Homes of the Stars Tour

For visitors who are looking to view the quaint homes and large mansions of some of the most famous music legends in the country, this tour is a must-see. The tour will travel past gorgeous neighborhoods where the stars spend their time when they’re not out touring or making records. You’ll travel on a 25 passenger motorcoach, and you’ll see plenty of historical landmarks native to Nashville along the way. Take a look at the legendary homes of singers and musicians like Ronnie Milsap, Dolly Parton, Martina McBride and Alan Jackson.

Discover Nashville Tour

After viewing the high life of the country stars, you can take a comprehensive tour of the entire city. Head out on a large bus and visit exciting places and landmarks like Fort Nashborough, the Parthenon, and the Tennessee State Capitol. The tour offers you information that you won’t get any other way and you can take pictures of the city sights as you travel. Your tour finale takes place in the Legends Corner.

Historic Tennessee Tour

Finally, history buffs can rejoice in an incredible tour of the area’s plantations and homes with this exciting tour. Stop by the Belle Meade Plantation and learn about the 10 rustic outbuildings and the old slave cabin dating back to 1832. You’ll be amazed at the cleanliness and perfect condition this old plantation is in. Afterward, you may visit the Hermitage, which dates back to 1837. This building has its original wallpaper, old furniture and many of the materials that belonged to Andrew Jackson.

0 thoughts on “Take Nashville Tours With Your Family in Nashville!

  1. Nashville is a great place to visit! Its a huge cultural hub for music and culture! It has alittle bit for every kind of person!

  2. This sounds like a lot of fun. I love taking vacations and have never been to Nashville. Now I am very excited about making this one of my next trips.

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