Wine Lovers Gather in Branson for the Celebration of Tastes

If you’ve been looking for a special way to spice up your winter, you won’t want to miss Branson’s Celebration of Tastes. This event will be taking place February 4th and 5th at Big Cedar Lodge and features the delectable wines of the Estancia Winery. Wine and food lovers won’t want to miss their chance to sample the many wines presented and get a taste of the hors d’oeuvers that have been prepared to bring out the subtle flavors of each wine. The best part is, all the proceeds from this event go to charity, so you’re getting a taste of fine wines and helping out the less fortunate.

If you enjoy new experiences like trying out wines you’ve never tasted before, you’re going to love flying a helicopter for the first time. The “I Pilot” Helicopter Adventure will give you the unique and thrilling chance to try your hand at piloting a helicopter. In addition to the excitement of being a pilot, you will also get to see incredible views of Branson. Stunning panoramic views of Table Rock Lake, the Ozark Mountains, and Silver Dollar City theme park make this great for those who love non-traditional sightseeing methods!

Finish off your Branson experience by exploring the unknown with a trip into the Cosmic Cavern. Unbelievable rock formations and two bottomless lakes make this one of the most popular places to visit in Branson. In one of the lakes, you will get to see trout that have lost their color and gone blind because they have never been exposed to natural sunlight. The cavern is perfect for a winter visit because the cave stays a comfortable 64 degrees year-round.

0 thoughts on “Wine Lovers Gather in Branson for the Celebration of Tastes

  1. The Celebrations of Tastes sounds great! Big Cedar Lodge is a really nice place. I love trying new wines; I would love to attend this event.

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