Visit Historical Sights in Mount Rushmore For 2011!

Don’t miss out on the displays and antiques that surround the Mount Rushmore area this January. Mount Rushmore is known for its history with both manmade and natural relics, and you can see it all by starting your first vacation in 2011. Bring along a camera to snap pictures of incredible sights, whether you’re looking at the sculpted rock of Mount Rushmore or a metallic automobile from the early 1900’s. Check out some of the following attractions while you’re here.

Pioneer Auto Show and Antique Town – Murdo, SD

View 250 incredible old cars, motorcycles and farm equipment vehicles. This reconstructed area holds vehicles that the rich and famous have driven, including Elvis Presley’s Harley Davidson. You and your family will be able to stroll through an old town that is filled with great places to go, including an old general store that has everything from ancient fossil collections to antique toys for the kids. While you’re here, don’t forget to visit some of the other exhibits such as 1909 Ford and 1956 Bel Air Chevrolet.

The Journey Museum – Rapid City

This museum is great for adults and kids alike, featuring a wide range of exhibits and attractions that all can enjoy. Check out the most ancient collections, such as the Museum of Geology, which provides information and theories on how the Black Hills were originally formed billions of year ago. Also, if you’re into the history of culture and tribes, the museum has several collections that provide information on pioneers, the Sioux Indians and miners.

Mammoth Site of Hot Springs – Hot Springs, SD

Before you leave, don’t forget to receive your last dose of history at the Mammoth Site, featuring displays of ancient mammoths and information on how the mammoths lived. The research facility provides a 30 minute guided tour and video presentation along with the exhibits, and if you want to see it all, you’ll want to visit each exhibit consecutively to make sure you have time for views of the working paleontological site. This site gives displays and shows Ice Age fossils that were originally found there.

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