Witness the Chinese New Year Festivities in New York City

New York City will celebrate the Chinese New Year in grand style starting February third, with dragon costumes, fireworks in Roosevelt Park, and large concerts performed by talented Asian-American singers. The festival will be themed around the year of the Rabbit, which is one of the 12 animals on the traditional Chinese calendar. Spectators will also see a huge parade with dancers and musicians leading the way, celebrating the blended culture of China and America. If you’re interested in attending this exciting festival, you can book a New York City hotel.

Along with the other festivities you’ll be involved in during your vacation, you can see the city in luxury with the Frank Sinatra NYC Night Limousine Tour, taking you to many of the old fashioned bars and lounges that are interspersed across the city. You can also hang out in some of the nightclubs and grab a few drinks in between dances. You’ll head to each of your destinations inside the comfortable limousine, providing you with everything that you need. Dress with sophistication, and prepare for a tour experience that Sinatra would be proud to go on.

After getting a close-up view of New York City during the day, you can fly in one of the New York City Helicopter Tours to receive a bird’s eye view of the city’s landmarks. Choose from either the Big Apple or the New York, New York helicopter tour that lets you head over great sightseeing adventures such as the Chrysler Building, Central Park, Hudson River and you’ll even see the Statue of Liberty!

0 thoughts on “Witness the Chinese New Year Festivities in New York City

  1. I’ve been wanting to see some of the Chinese New Year Festivities ever since I saw a Chinese dragon parade on a movie. It looked pretty fun.

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