Sweetheart Month Brings Romance to Branson in February

February 14th is a day filled with romance and tokens of appreciation, and for Branson’s Titanic Museum Attraction, the whole month of February will be a celebration of love as they begin Sweetheart Month. From February 1st to February 28th, you will be welcome to visit Titanic to renew your vows, propose, or get married on the Grand Staircase in front of friends and family. Titanic’s Captain Smith will officiate wedding ceremonies, and the Grand Staircase will lend its elegance and grandeur to the event to add a special touch. Advance reservations are required, so go ahead and start planning on how to make that special someone very happy in the month of February!

While you’re in Branson during February, take advantage of the opportunity to see the hilarious Jim Stafford Show. While most shows are closed in February, Jim Stafford is open due to popular demand, and he will give you a show to remember. With his musical comedy and 3-D virtual thrill ride, Jim Stafford presents a show that is original as it is entertaining. It’s perfect for some clean, family friendly fun.

Another show that continues regularly in February is the Comedy Hypnosis Dinner Show. This show, featuring the talented hypnotist Jecobie Roberts, offers guests a laugh and a look into the mysterious ways that people’s minds work. Jecobie is a master of hypnotism, and you may get the chance to experience it for yourself as she often takes volunteers from the audience. Her popularity continues to grow each year as more and more visitors to Branson discover her unique talents.

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