Orlando Offers Fun and Excitement With Unique Tours

Since Florida is home to a variety of unique wildlife and beautiful landscapes, your exciting Orlando vacation wouldn’t be complete without taking one of the many tours offered in the area. Your family will love the tours and activities available, and each one has something unique to offer. You can get breathtaking views of a Florida sunrise from a hot air balloon at Orange Blossom balloons, see alligators and crocodiles at the Gatorland Tour, or even have an incredible experience swimming with Manatees by taking the Florida Manatees Adventure Tour. Regardless of what tours you decide to take, you are sure to make your Orlando vacation fun and memorable!

Orlando Balloon Rides

During your stay in Orlando, you can get a unique view of the beautiful Florida landscape by taking a sunrise hot air balloon ride. You will marvel at the beautiful view of the Florida beaches at sunrise. To add to the romantic atmosphere of a Florida sunrise, you can choose the option of a champagne ceremony following the flight! If you are vacationing with children older than five years old, they can join in this exciting hot air balloon ride and enjoy a delicious breakfast after the hour long flight. This exciting activity will be a highlight of your Orlando vacation, and you are sure to have fond memories of this activity when reminiscing about your vacation!

The Gatorland Tour

After taking the romantic hot air balloon ride, you will be ready to see some exciting Florida wildlife. The Gatorland Tour will give you the chance to see alligators and crocodiles in their natural habitats, and this adventure is something you will not soon forget! This 110 acre park features not only gators, but also exciting live shows, nature walks, a petting zoo, and even a water park! For added convenience, this attraction even provides round trip transportation to the park from your hotel. People of all ages can enjoy this exciting adventure, so be sure to bring the whole family along to experience this awesome tour!

Florida Manatees Adventure Tour

For a truly unique and unforgettable vacation in Orlando, be sure to take the Florida Manatees Adventure Tour. On this tour, your experienced guide will take you to the beautiful Crystal River while pointing out important information about manatees. The best part of the tour comes next when you will have the opportunity to get out of the boat and swim with the gentle creatures. After swimming, you will enjoy a delicious lunch and then continue to the Homosassa River for more views of manatees and dolphins. The Florida Manatees Adventure Tour is that special something that will make you and your family look back on your Florida vacation with fondness for years to come!

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  1. Taking a hot air balloon ride has always been a dream of mine. I’d love to try that activity as well as some of those Everglade tours.

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