Las Vegas Celebrates Festive Chinese New Year!

The Lunar New Year will be in conjunction with the Las Vegas Chinese New Year, and you’re welcome to celebrate this festival with the rest of the crowds on February third. The main festivities surrounding this event will be inside Chinatown Plaza, where you can take your pick of delicious Asian cuisine, with many great concessions and diners open to provide you a full meal. You’ll want to explore the area as there will be several demonstrations of martial arts, as well as traditional folk dancing and the legendary dragon dance. If you want to experience the New Year’s festivities all over again through this event, make sure you book a room in your Las Vegas lodging.

Don’t forget about other fun adventures while you’re in Las Vegas as well. If you want to discover some of the city’s top landmarks and highlights in a short amount of time, the Las Vegas Explorer Pass is the perfect option. You can choose two attractions from a large list of great places to dine and visit, including the Liberace Museum, Hoover Dam Tour, Madame Tussauds, the Springs Preserve or the Vegas Mob Tour. If you purchase a VIP ticket, you’ll also receive savings on Dream Car Rentals, the Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters tour and Miracle Mile Shops.

Your fun is just beginning in this incredible city, and if you’re not sure which restaurants to choose while you’re out, you can pick up a Las Vegas Meal Ticket to cover some of your meals for one day up to five days. The restaurants are some of the highest rated in the city, and you won’t be disappointed, no matter where you choose to eat. The restaurant may offer complimentary breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a combination of all three.

0 thoughts on “Las Vegas Celebrates Festive Chinese New Year!

  1. Las Vegas definitely seems like a fun place to visit during the Chinese New Year. I wouldn’t mind getting those passes to ensure I don’t miss anything!

  2. I have always wanted to celebrate a Chinese New Year, but unfortunately have missed the opportunity for the last few years. Las Vegas would be pretty near the real deal, and a lot closer than China! I definitely would love to go.

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