Grab Your Camera for the Nashville Antiques and Garden Show!

More than 150 antique-selling booths and lush gardens await you during your trip to Nashville on February 11-13 in accordance with the Antiques and Garden Show of Nashville. The show blends gardens and antiques, two decorative elements that add that perfect touch to your home. Garden and antique enthusiasts from all over the nation come to attend this great show, and you’ll want to be part of it. The show includes lectures from well-known experts in the horticulture field as well as landscaped gardens with some of the most intricate and imaginative designs possible. If you would like to attend this event, you can reserve your Nashville hotel early.

In addition to the artistic decorative antiques you’ll view, you can also find additional historic sights at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, featuring the memorabilia of legendary country musicians – many that made their start in the Nashville area. Start off your museum tour with a look at the original exterior of the museum, with an overarching peak stretching into the sky. The museum has many exhibits and records that capture the songs of your favorite artists.

After touring Nashville’s most famous museum, you’ll be in the mood to see the legendary Ryman which has housed many famous music artists’ concerts over the years. Take the Ryman Self-Guided Tour and receive a full dose of the building’s history, starting with an informative film presentation by Trisha Yearwood. Once you’ve watched the film, you’ll head over to the stage to get your picture taken under the lights and up to the balcony to discover pictures and other memorabilia housed in the area.

0 thoughts on “Grab Your Camera for the Nashville Antiques and Garden Show!

  1. I love going to the Nashville Antiques and Garden show at the Nashville Convention Center in downtown Nashville every year. There are always great stuff there. It is fun to look at all those antiques.

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