San Antonio Boat and RV Show Attracts Families!

Marine enthusiasts will be happy to discover an enormous array of all kinds of boats, motor homes and travel trailers at the 2011 San Antonio Boat and RV Show, taking place at the end of January, from the 27 – 30. Exhibitors and audiences will gather in San Antonio’s enormous Alamodome, one of the only places big enough to contain the array of boats. On January 29, visitors will get the chance to sign up for a Boater Education Course which provides information on the many classes of ships, from bay to wakeboard to center console fishing boats. Come to San Antonio with your family for this fun event, and book a hotel for all three nights to experience it from the first day to the finale.

For another water-oriented attraction, you’re welcome to participate in Thompson’s Fishing Guide Service to explore several lakes and learn the true art of fishing from an expert. Thompson has fished for years, and he knows these Central Texas lakes like the back of his hand. Cruise along in his 17-foot boat and find out where to cast for the biggest and baddest fish. Your tour will include all of the standard fishing equipment such as lures and rods, and you’ll also be given a few snacks like soda and peanuts.

After a few days of attractions, you can sit back with a leisurely time at the Imax Theatre San Antonio and watch one of the incredible shows that Imax puts on each year. The theater is set up with six enormous screens that include a full surround sound and clear, crisp contrast from the projector system. Your view won’t be blocked, either, as each theater is equipped with comfortable stadium style seating.

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