Museum Extends Invitation for Branson Vietnam Peace Accord Ceremony

On January 28 at the Branson Veteran Memorial Museum, many will be in attendance to view the Vietnam Peace Accord Candlelight Ceremony to commemorate their Vietnam veteran comrades who served in war. The museum is easily accessible just off of Branson’s Highway 76, and the event will highlight parts of the Vietnam War along with pictures and historical information for attendees to read and learn. The event marks the day after the war officially ended. Those who are planning on attending or who will be in Branson toward the end of January are welcome to book one of Branson’s hotels.

If you’d like to see more of America’s past, you’re welcome to check out more of Branson’s great museums, including Titanic – The Legend Continues, which puts you in the role of a passenger entering one of America’s most famous ships. You’ll walk through many of the recreated exhibits onboard this half-scale replica of the Titanic, including the Memorial Room and the Grand Staircase. The museum is loaded with more than 400 artifacts from the passengers who originally boarded the ship in 1912.

For visitors who are taking the whole family to Branson, they’ll want to bring the kids to the World’s Largest Toy Museum, housing every kind of toy imaginable dating from the present time back to the 1800’s. View all kinds of toy trains, bicycles, plans and small wind-ups. Some of the toys may even remind you of your childhood, and you’ll be able to tell your children or grandchildren all about some of the toys you see.

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