Celebrate MLK Day in Nashville!

Visitors coming to Nashville during or around the time of Martin Luther King Day will be provided several opportunities throughout the city to celebrate the life of this historical figure. The TSU Gentry Complex in Nashville will hold a special service on January 17 to commemorate Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life and the human rights that he stood for. The complex will host a special speaker named Kirk Whalum, who will use his voice to speak his message and sing several songs with his smooth, gospel tenor vocals. He’s recorded several albums and gone on tour with legendary jazz pianist Bob James. If you’re interested in coming to Nashville around this time of celebration, be sure to reserve your room in one of Nashville’s hotels.

Remember another famous figure during your Nashville vacation by attending Tribute to the King, a fun family-friendly show that incorporates many of the most famous songs by Elvis Presley. Performer John Beardsley has been imitating this great performer for many years, and he wears five costumes throughout the show to represent Elvis in each stage of his life. Audiences will hear the songs sung perfectly with each mannerism and hip swing that the King once did on stage.

Take a few hours to unwind after seeing the tribute show with a ride on the karts at Europa Go Karts and Golf, featuring the roaring engines of colorful go-karts that fly along the winding track. The ride lasts around four minutes, so you’ll want to step on it if you plan on beating your friends. If you’re up for a game of golf, this fun park also has an exciting mini golf game with 18 holes and two different courses.

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  1. I love Elvis! It’s cool that he changes costumes for the different eras of his life. I bet the young Elvis is the best.

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