New Orleans Plantations Hold Historic Secrets

The plantations of New Orleans have a beautiful pillared exterior and interior and each is available for viewing. Seek out these luxurious architectural wonders of the past and learn about the various art and lifestyle that these 19th century inhabitants and landowners once lived. In addition to a walk inside of the building, visitors will also receive a narrated tour as they make their way to the plantation. Check on times and schedules for each of the tours, and remember that some of these activities offer more than one plantation tour, so you can take your pick or combine them all into one trip.

Plantation Tours Along River Road

The city of New Orleans has many surrounding plantations, and you won’t go wrong in your choice of tours no matter which plantation you choose to view. This activity also incorporates a nature sightseeing experience for visitors who would like to see the swamplands as well. Visit the San Francisco, St. Joseph, Laura, or Oak Alley Plantation, and then you can try out the swamp tour.

Oak Alley Plantation Tour

View the gorgeous treelines and majesty of this plantations’ 25 acres as you’re transported to the front gate via motorcoach. A guide will accompany you throughout your tour, offering facts and historic information, old stories and legends and answering any questions you may have along the way. Inside this Greek-style plantation, you’ll find an overwhelming amount of the wealth and artistry possessed by the owners of this restored plantation of the past. The tour lasts a little over four hours.

San Francisco Plantation Tour

There is at least one more plantation that you must explore before you leave – the San Francisco Plantation, which has the honor of being the solo restored plantation along the River Road area. Along with the wondrous architecture, visitors will notice that the grounds have been mowed and kept in great shape for audiences to view year-round. Although the plantation was originally built in 1837, the careful restoration process has left the building with refined antiques and a historic atmosphere for visitors. You’ll also have to option to combine the swamp tour with this attraction as well.

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