Art Enthusiasts Marvel At Orlando’s Exciting Attractions

If you are planning a vacation in Orlando and are interested in the arts, be sure to visit the XX-XY/Gender Representation in Art exhibit at the Orlando Museum of Art. At this exhibit, you will see thought-provoking works by great artists like Andy Warhol and Edward Ruscha that are meant to make the public examine traditional gender roles of men and women. The exhibit explores the themes of magnetism, domesticity, power, and enhancements and will be on display through June 5.

While you are in Orlando, you can enjoy a delightful meal while floating down the St. John’s River with your significant other aboard the Rivership Romance Lunch & Dinner Cruise. You will not only enjoy the incredible sights along the riverbank, but you will also enjoy great live entertainment and a delicious gourmet meal. Board the Rivership Romance for a long lunch or a romantic evening of dinner and dancing and you will surely have a memorable vacation!

Kennedy Space Center in Orlando is a grand gateway to the universe, and you will be in awe of everything you will see on a Kennedy Space Center Tour. At Kennedy Space Center, you can view marvelous exhibits about space travel and learn fascinating facts about our galaxy. You will become an insider regarding space travel by learning about future missions to Mars and other faraway destinations. With the Kennedy Space Center Ultimate Space Pass, you will even have the opportunity to dine with a real astronaut!

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